A desktop note taking application, that allows you to quickly describe the current day.
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How I spent this day

A simple but useful personal diary application.

The sole purpose of this application is to quickly create a file and open it in a text editor so that I can take a note before I lose my desire. Notes can be found in the ~/.local/share/histd directory.

tree ~/.local/share/histd
# /home/user/.local/share/histd
# └── 2022
#     └── 08
#         ├── 18.md
#         └── 19.md


Mark this script as executable:

chmod +x histd.sh

Now you can create your first note:


This command can be run as many times as you want, it will open the same file until the day is over.

You can open the last note with the command:

./histd.sh last

Editor configuration

When opening a text editor, the program checks the value of the EDITOR environment variable.

If you want to use a different editor, edit the ~/.bashrc file (if you are using bash):

export EDITOR=nano

Don't forget to start a new session or execute the following command:

source ~/.bashrc


Command Description Dependencies
Create a new note file if it does not exist and open it in a text editor.
last Open the most recently created note.
backup Creates an archive with all notes. tar, xz
merge Combine all notes into one file. Each note is preceded by a file name.
list Displays a tree of all notes. tree
help Show usage information.

Project status

The project is completed, but not abandoned. Improvements are welcome.